Athens…my favorite survival lessons

I love Athens. I think  I always did. Long before I met my feet on its streets and I remained speechless in front of its fabulous monuments.

I think Athens, like Paris , has a dose of romance that few cities can equal. Part is given by the history, part is given by the modern architecture and the main part is given by the people. Of course like any lover, Athens is not perfect. I’ve experienced some bad moments, too . As it was the city garbage collection strike when the city was submerged by tons of badly smelling stuff. But the bad moments fade always when I think at two things: my friends and the importance that Greece, Athens and mostly the Greeks had for the human evolution.

Now Greece is suffering. And a lot of people attack Greece and the Greeks with bad words and even worse forecasts concerning the immediate future. The funny part is that they are the same that were explaining to us, all, how nice it is in Greece and how friendly the Greeks are, and so on and so forth…

I have always lived my life following the basic rule of the mirror: “Look in the mirror and see if you’re happy with the actions of the person you see in the mirror”. And this is one of the reasons why I never betrayed my friends. And, especially in tough times, I tried to help them.

Coming back to the survival lessons I got from Athens( city and people together), I will just list them:

  1. Never forget your history, but don’t expect from your history to save your present.
  2. Maintain high level of hope, even in tough times and rough waters
  3. Reinvent yourself permanently

I truly believe that the three ideas apply to both our professional and private life.

A company (one of my favorites) that has applied those lessons is IBM. And their results over many years speak for themselves.

What about you?

Do you apply the 3 rules?

About the author( that’s me)

I’m a Romanian who has worked and travelled around the world. I write, teach and speak at various events about leadership, management, sales and life balance.

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