“BoShi-life philosophy”- world tour

I will soon start my world tour designed to promote the ideas and principles which are the basis of my book and method, BoShi.

In my book , Boshi-amazing master ( available on both Amazon and Kindle), I have explained how one can achieve a balanced and successful life, based on a blend of Asian and European leadership and management ideas and sourced in the Asian and European history and religion.

The main idea behind BoShi is that a successful life means a life where you help others, you give hope and support to others, you make them grow and discover themselves.

The second idea is that you need to be good in order to reach the top. Good means to be human, to behave thinking at the others, respecting a set of norms and values , avoiding the trap of your ego, loving yourself and the ones around.

The third idea is that a real leader is by definition an educated person, a “shi” as Confucius used to call them.


The “BoShi-life philosophy” world tour will promote both the book and the concept, insisting on the fact that the concept of BoShi is applicable on both business and private life.

Structured as a two hours conference followed by 30 minutes book presentation, the BoShi event is addressed to everybody who wish o discover a new way of analyzing and improving their private and/or business life.